Tetilla DOP Cheese | Spain | 800g

Tetilla DOP Cheese | Spain | 800g

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Tetilla DOP Cheese | Spain | 800g πŸ§€

Tetilla DOP is a traditional cheese from the Galicia region of Spain, recognized for its distinctive cone or pear shape, which resembles a breast, hence the name "Tetilla." Made from cow's milk, this semi-soft cheese has a smooth, creamy texture and a mild, slightly tangy flavor with buttery undertones. The cheese is aged for a minimum of seven days, allowing it to develop its characteristic taste and texture.

Pairing Suggestions:

  • Wine: Pair with a crisp white wine like AlbariΓ±o or a light red such as MencΓ­a 🍷
  • Bread: Enjoy with a fresh baguette or Galician bread 🍞
  • Fruit: Complement with fresh fruits like apples, grapes, or figs πŸπŸ‡πŸˆ
  • Nuts: Enhance with toasted walnuts or almonds 🌰

Experience the creamy, mild flavors of Tetilla DOP and add a touch of Galician tradition to your cheese board! πŸ§€

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