Swiss Gruyere Extra | +/-2.3kg

Swiss Gruyere Extra | +/-2.3kg

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Swiss Gruyère Extra is a type of Swiss cheese that belongs to the Gruyère family of cheeses. It is a high-quality version of the renowned Gruyère cheese, known for its rich and nutty flavor. The "Extra" label typically indicates that this particular Gruyère cheese has been aged for an extended period, resulting in a more intense and pronounced taste.

Here's more about Swiss Gruyère Extra:

  1. Origin: Gruyère cheese has its origins in the Gruyères region of Switzerland, which gives the cheese its name. Authentic Gruyère cheese is made according to strict regulations and traditions in Switzerland.

  2. Production: Swiss Gruyère Extra is made from cow's milk, and its production follows the traditional methods used for Gruyère cheese. The cheese is carefully crafted, and the curds are pressed and aged for an extended time to develop the distinct characteristics of Gruyère.

  3. Flavor: Swiss Gruyère Extra is well-known for its complex and nutty flavor. It has a rich, slightly sweet taste with hints of fruitiness and a pleasing, salty tang. The aging process enhances these flavors and creates a more pronounced taste.

  4. Texture: Gruyère cheese has a firm and dense texture, making it easy to grate or slice. As it ages, the texture becomes drier and more crumbly, adding to the cheese's appeal.

  5. Versatility: Swiss Gruyère Extra is a versatile cheese that can be enjoyed in various ways. It is perfect for cheese platters, sandwiches, and grated over dishes like gratins or soups. Gruyère is also one of the classic cheeses used in fondue, providing a delightful and creamy melting experience.

  6. Serving Size: The package contains 200 grams of Swiss Gruyère Extra, providing a convenient amount for trying the cheese or incorporating it into your favorite recipes.

Swiss Gruyère Extra is a premium cheese choice for those who enjoy the distinctive taste of Gruyère with a more intense flavor profile. Whether used as a table cheese or as a versatile ingredient in hot dishes, this Gruyère Extra is sure to impress with its rich taste and fine quality. Savor the depth of flavors that Swiss Gruyère Extra brings to your cheese board or culinary creations.

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