Sunflower Seed | 100g

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Sunflower seeds are sold either in the shell or as shelled kernels.

Those still in the shell are commonly eaten by cracking them with your teeth, then spitting out the shell — which shouldn’t be eaten. These seeds are a particularly popular snack at baseball games and other outdoor sports games.

Shelled sunflower seeds are more versatile. Here are various ways you can eat them:

  • Add to trail mix.
  • Stir into homemade granola bars.
  • Sprinkle on a green salad.
  • Stir into hot or cold cereal.
  • Sprinkle over fruit or yogurt parfaits.
  • Add to stir-fries.
  • Stir into tuna or chicken salad.
  • Sprinkle over sautéed vegetables.
  • Add to veggie burgers.
  • Use in place of pine nuts in pesto.
  • Top casseroles.
  • Grind the seeds and use as a coating for fish.
  • Add to baked goods, such as breads and muffins.
  • Dip an apple or banana in sunflower seed butter.

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