SPICE TREE 46% | Blended Malt Whisky | Scotland | 70cl

SPICE TREE 46% | Blended Malt Whisky | Scotland | 70cl

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Blended Malt Whisky, Scotland, 70cl,

Launched for the first time in 2005, The Spice Tree returned to the forefront of the scene in September 2009 after more than 3 years of absence.
Though the malts used mainly come from the north Highlands and are aged for around 10 years.

The result of ageing in first- and second-fill American oak casks, The Spice Tree is aged a second time in barrels mounted with heavily-toasted heads made from hundred-year-old Vosges French oak. Style: Spicy, rich. Nose: Rich. Grains and ripe fruit

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