Sakura Ebi | Japan | Frozen | 125g

Sakura Ebi | Japan | Frozen | 125g

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The shrimp glitter brightly, almost like jewels. It's recommended that you eat fresh sakura shrimp plain, without topping them with soy sauce or other condiments.

Sakura shrimp are named for their transparent, pink body. In Japan, they are found in Shizuoka’s Suruga Bay and in Sagami-nada, the open sea south of Tokyo Bay, though only Suruga Bay is a designated fishery site. Sakura shrimp are loved for their unique taste and sweet smell, and are widely consumed in washoku (Japanese traditional cuisine), being used in dishes such as chawan-mushi (savory steamed egg custard with seasonal ingredients), and even as an accent for pastas and salads.

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