Reblochon Coeur Savoyard | +/-235g
Reblochon Coeur Savoyard | +/-235g

Reblochon Coeur Savoyard | +/-235g

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Reblochon Cheese is a soft, washed-rind cheese with a mild taste. Its light beige to orangey-yellow rind, which is edible, has white mould on it. The surface texture of the rind comes from the cheesecloth used during making the cheese. 

At home, Reblochon should be kept in a cool place (10-12° c) and is best eaten in the 10 days following the purchase. Leave it at room temperature for two hours before eatingReblochon AOC is perfect for winter dishes as the classic “Tartiflette”, a delicious baked gratin that's traditional in Haute Savoie.

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