Ravioli Funghi Porcini | NOVELLA | Frozen | 1kg

Ravioli Funghi Porcini | NOVELLA | Frozen | 1kg

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Our fresh stuffed pasta is prepared fresh from selected raw materials, following the simple recipes without additives that have always distinguished our products.

Mushroom ravioli are a seasonal product, produced during the autumn period.

Ingredients Pasta: Italian soft wheat flour type "00", water, Italian durum wheat semolina , free-range eggs . Filling ingredients: Porcini mushrooms (26% of the total), ricotta ( cow and sheep 's milk whey, whole milk , salt), breadcrumbs ( type "0" soft wheat flour, brewer's yeast, salt), free- range eggs ground, Grana Padano DOP ( milk , salt, rennet, preservative: lysozyme from eggs ), olive oil, salt, garlic.

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