Raspberry Vinegar | Paul Corcellet | 500ml

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How to use Raspberry Vinegard:

  • Use it in a marinade of olive oil, garlic, parsley, and mustard to marinate mushrooms in the fridge overnight.
  • as a refreshing drink mixed with fizzy water, or lemonade, or ginger ale, and ice. Jekyll says this tastes ‘like the elixir of life on a hot day, and is as pretty as it is pleasant.’
  • in a dressing with a salad of baby spinach and bacon (when you fry the bacon, in a little olive oil, add also some raspberry vinegar, then scrape the pan juices to make the dressing)
  • the secret ingredient for coleslaw
  • Fry shrimp and scallops briefly in butter with a finely chopped banana shallot. Serve with a mix of two parts sour cream to one part raspberry vinegar
  • a sauce for Ice-cream
  • add to gravy
  • because of its sweetness, like balsamic vinegar, you need proportionately less oil than usual in a dressing
  • with a grilled goat cheese salad
  • make a hot blackcurrant sauce for ice cream by heating with blackcurrants and a little honey
  • in a creamy sauce for chicken...

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