Artisanal Vegetarian Raclette | Ready to bake | 1kg

Artisanal Vegetarian Raclette | Ready to bake | 1kg

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Ready to bake. Frozen 

A smooth, savory dish that melts in your mouth is a simple pleasure during the cold winter months — and raclette is a wonderful choice. A deliciously creamy cheese that retains its flavor exceedingly well when heated, it is ideal for wintry dinners and cozy get-togethers.

Weight: 1kg

Ingredients: Raclette cheese, Brussel sprout, Cauliflower, Carrot, vegetable seasoning, Milk, Flour, Butter, Herbs.

Servings: For 4-6 pax

Reheat:  Best to defrost the item before reheating process

Remove shrink wrap and In oven 200C for 15 to 25 minutes or remove tin foil container.

Store: Frozen at -12 to -18℃, best to thaw 24 hours prior reheating


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