Ponthier Fruit Puree | Green Apple Granny Smith | 1L

Ponthier Fruit Puree | Green Apple Granny Smith | 1L

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Ponthier Purees are 100% natural all fruit purees made with the finest seasonal fruits from France.

Make your own granitas and ices by simply freezing the puree until firm and serve alongside your favourite fruits, garnishes & spirits, for an easy warm weather treat.

Granita & Ices

  • Pour Ponthier puree into a shallow tin. Allow to set in freezer for a minimum of 4-6hrs.
  • Using a fork and tablespoon, scrape the frozen puree into a granita, alternating with the utensils to break up the ice. Leave some pieces in larger sections and scrape some into smaller pieces for added texture.
  • Return granita to the freezer until firm, 2-4hrs is ideal. Repeat this process again until you are satisfied with the overall texture of the granita.

To serve

  • Place serving glasses or bowls into the freezer prior to serving (1hr is our suggested minimum,) prepare garnishes and set aside.
  • Layer granita into the frozen serving glasses or bowls. Add garnishes like pineapple, lime, mint or thyme depending on your preference.
  • Optional, when serving add a shot of your favourite spirit for a grown-up treat, Campari & mandarin work well, or coconut & rum.

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