Arroz Cebolla Paella Rice | Antonio Tomas | Spain | 1kg

Arroz Cebolla Paella Rice | Antonio Tomas | Spain | 1kg

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Bomba rice is known as the best quality rice to use for making Paella. It has the ability to absorb 3 times its own weight in liquid meaning a greater stock absorption and thus more flavoursome dish. 

Bomba rice matures very slowly, is difficult to grow and results in a low yield at harvest. These difficulties led to the strain almost becoming extinct. Through the cultivation and perseverance of companies like Arrocerias Antonio Tomas, Bombas was brought back from the brink for all to enjoy. 

Due to it's ability to absorb more stock and flavour than other strains of rice, we recommend using the best quality stock you can access. 

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