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KYRO Rye Gin | Distilled Gin | Finland | 50cl

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KYRO Rye Gin 46,3% Distilled Gin, Finland, 50cl

Made from a rye distillate in which plants such as queen-of-the-meadow, sea buckthorn berries, birch leaves and cranberries have been macerated, this gin christened ‘Napue’ is produced by the Finnish Kyro distillery and is an original creation that is bound to pique the curiosity of spirit-lovers.

They will be treated to a real experience here: the flavours of kiwi flood the palate a few minutes after tasting.

Particularly original, the opening is characterized by notes of juniper, wormwood, pine and cough drops.

Medicinal, it develops aspects of mustard poultice and mustard seeds.

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