It's Better Be Beer Bottle | Crust Beer | 2x330ml

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Rich and Aromatic

It’d Bettr Be Beer! is the result of Bettr Coffee and CRUST’s belief in sustainability and a Bettr way of thinking, drinking, and living.

Brewed using surplus bread and cold brew extract made from upcycled Heart Blend coffee grounds, It’d Bettr Be Beer! is a robust coffee cream ale filled with aromatic notes of dark chocolate, toasted caramel, honey and red cherry.

Coffee is the world’s most universally consumed beverage, with over 2 billion cups consumed every day. However, the industry contributes to 6 million tonnes of coffee grounds that go to landfill annually where they emit methane. This coffee cream ale provides an alternative life cycle end for Bettr Coffee.

Join the Be Bettr movement and start a party or end the day with this cold brew cream ale that makes a difference!

5.3% ABV.

330ml per bottle.

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