Iberico Bellota Chorizo | 100g

Iberico Bellota Chorizo | 100g

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Iberico Bellota Chorizo is a premium and flavorful Spanish cured sausage made from the prized Iberian breed of pigs that feed on acorns (bellota). 

Here's more about Iberico Bellota Chorizo:

  1. Ingredients: Iberico Bellota Chorizo is made from the meat of Iberian pigs, renowned for their rich and marbled meat. The chorizo is seasoned with a blend of paprika, garlic, salt, and other spices, adding depth to its flavor.

  2. Curing Process: The Iberico Bellota Chorizo undergoes a meticulous and traditional curing process. The chorizo is air-dried for an extended period to develop its flavors and achieve its desired texture.

  3. Flavor: Iberico Bellota Chorizo offers a robust and savory taste with a perfect balance of spices and the distinctive richness of the Iberian pork. The acorns in the pigs' diet contribute to the unique nutty and sweet undertones in the meat.

  4. Texture: The texture of Iberico Bellota Chorizo is firm and slightly chewy, making it easy to slice thinly for serving.

  5. Serving: Iberico Bellota Chorizo is often served as part of a Spanish-inspired charcuterie platter or used as a gourmet cold cut in sandwiches. It pairs exceptionally well with cheeses, olives, and other Spanish tapas.

  6. Versatility: This luxurious chorizo can be enjoyed on its own or creatively used in various recipes to elevate the flavors of dishes.

Iberico Bellota Chorizo is a highly esteemed delicacy, known for its exceptional quality and distinctive taste. Whether savoring it as a centerpiece of a tapas spread or experiencing its gourmet flavors in other culinary creations, this premium Spanish cold cut is sure to impress with its richness and artisanal charm. Relish the indulgence of Iberico Bellota Chorizo in every delightful bite.

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