Chouchoux Assorted | Hand-crafted | 42pcs

Chouchoux Assorted | Hand-crafted | 42pcs

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A crunchy chocolate base, choux pastry, with double delicious fillings inside and a colorful signature on top. What's not to love about Les Chouchous?


Blackcurrant&Vanilla; Double Chocolate; Double Raspberry; Nutty Caramel&Vanilla; Mango& Passion Fruit; Pistachio &Chocolate)



Cream, Chocolate, Eggm Butter, Water, Sugar, Raspberry puree, Wheat flour, Crumble biscuit, Mango puree, Corn syrup, Passion fruit, Blackcurrant puree, Lemon juice, Custard powder, Invert sugar, Hazelnut, Pistachio paste, Pectin (E440), Soya bean oil, Vanilla extract, Agar Agar, Muscovado sugar, Cornstarch, Orange zest, Cocoa powder, Malt extract, Tatrazine, Allura red.

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