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Carob is a distinct and rare variety of honey that is native to the Mediterranean and Middle East. Dark amber in colour, this unique and delicious honey nestles in chocolate and herbal overtones, giving it a warm flavour with a medium aromatic intensity, and has a slightly bitter aftertaste. Collected early in the Winter, the single flower Carob tree stands alone as the source of this delicious chocolate-scented honey. it is often used as a healthy substitute to chocolate, as it lacks caffeine and has less fat content. 

Crystallisation of honey is a natural phenomenon of pure, raw honey. Adulterated, processed or poor quality honey will not crystallise, so if it does be happy! The composition ratio of glucose and fructose in a floral nectar source determines how fast the honey crystallises. Some honey varietals like our Heather honey crystallise swiftly in a few weeks by forming a layer at the top, while other honey varietals crystallise slowly and stay liquid for a few years.

How to Decrystallise Honey

1) Hot Water

Use a pan or stainless steel pot. Place the closed jar of honey in the pot and fill it up with hot (not boiling!) water up to where the honey is in the jar. Wait until the water is cool. Subjecting honey to too much heat would destroy its live enzymes. Lift the jar out of the pan of water and stir. If there are still crystals in the honey, repeat the process. When the honey is liquid, use as you normally would.

2) In A Slow Cooker

Place open jars of honey in your slow cooker and leave on low for 8 hours or so. No water is necessary, you can do this dry. Leave the honey in the slow cooker for longer if there are still honey crystals present.

Don’t Microwave Crystallized Honey!

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