Escargots with Garlic & Parsley | 6pc

Escargots with Garlic & Parsley | 6pc

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Ready to bake escargot dish. One of the kind creations!  Escargots wrapped with garlic & parsley butter ball.  A very tasteful delicatessen from France.  A specialty from the Burgundy region.

Alternative reheating method is to add homemade tomato and onion sauce as a based. It brings out a perfect combination of garlic and tangy tomato sauce palate (tomato sauce sells separately in a sauce pouch) 

Packaging: Deliver cooked in sous vide (vacuum) pouch, pasteurised & frozen

Weight: 6 pieces (without tomato sauce with onion, recommend to purchase separate tomato sauce to go along with the Escargots)

Serving: 1 person

Ingredients: Snail - Escargots -helix lucorum (UE/Turquie), garlic, parsley, butter, olive oil, breadcrumbs, flour, milk, salt & pepper, seasoning

In oven and grill
  1. Set the oven or grill temperature at 180°c and bake escargot in escargot oven proof dish for 10 minutes. Remove from oven and serve. 
  2. Alternative option with tomato sauce (sells separately), best defrost the tomato sauce, and pour into oven proof dish, place individual piece of escargot onto tomato sauce bed. 
  3. Bake for 10  minutes
  4. Remove from oven and serve
  5. Be aware of hot oil/butter