Cuttlefish Whole cleaned 20/40 | Vietnam | 1kg

Cuttlefish Whole cleaned 20/40 | Vietnam | 1kg

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Cuttlefish is a seafood delicacy that is enjoyed in many parts of the world. Its taste is often described as mild and sweet with a slightly salty and briny flavor. The texture of the meat is firm, yet tender, and has a pleasant chewiness that is similar to calamari.

When cooked properly, cuttlefish meat is tender and flavorful, with a delicate taste that is enhanced by the addition of herbs and spices. Cuttlefish can be prepared in a variety of ways, such as grilled, fried, boiled, or sautéed, and is often served with a side of vegetables or rice.

One popular way to prepare cuttlefish is by cooking it in its own ink, which gives the dish a rich, black color and a unique flavor that is both savory and slightly sweet. Cuttlefish ink is also used in pasta and risotto dishes to add a distinct flavor and color.

Overall, cuttlefish has a mild and pleasant taste that is enjoyed by seafood lovers around the world. Its unique texture and flavor make it a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes and cuisines.

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