Corsican Lonzo | 100g

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“Lonzu or Lonzo de Corse” is a cured sausage which originates from Italy and the French island Corsica. Made from pork loin, this sausage is first marinated in a black pepper preparation before the meat is carefully dried for several weeks.

Lonzo is a traditional Italian cured meat that comes from the loin of the pig. It is made using a centuries-old process that involves curing and air-drying the meat, resulting in a savory, aromatic flavor that is highly prized by meat lovers.

To make lonzo, the pork loin is first rubbed with a mixture of salt, herbs, and spices, which helps to remove excess moisture and prevent spoilage. The meat is then hung in a cool, dry place to air dry for several weeks, during which time it develops a firm texture and rich, complex flavor.

Lonzo is typically sliced thin and served as a charcuterie or antipasti dish, often accompanied by cheeses, olives, and other cured meats. It can also be used as a flavorful ingredient in pasta dishes, salads, and sandwiches.


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