Coffee Beans | EL SALVADOR | Jewel | 250g

Coffee Beans | EL SALVADOR | Jewel | 250g

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Ernesto Menendez is a fourth generation coffee producer and owner of 3 farms in El Salvador, which he inherited in 1995 after his father’s death. At 18 years of age, Ernesto started managing the farms, is a skilled cupper, and has been a national judge for Cup of Excellence several times.

The farm of Las Brumas is located 45 minutes from the City of Santa Ana, with a cultivated area of 60 hectares of coffee at an altitude ranging from 1450 to 1875 meters above sea level. The mists there are thick and volatile, lending to the name Las Brumas — The Mists. This unique micro-climate and high elevation present unique growing conditions for the coffee trees, forcing them to mature more slowly and influencing the flavors of the coffee cherry, bringing out sweeter notes in the processed coffee.


Cup Characteristics: Pistachio, Milk Chocolate, Red Apple
Varietal: Bourbon

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