Canadian Scallop Meat Roe Off 20/30 | Frozen | 2.27kg

Canadian Scallop Meat Roe Off 20/30 | Frozen | 2.27kg

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"Canadian scallop roe off" refers to Canadian scallops that have been processed with their roe (eggs) removed. Roe is the reproductive organ of the scallop, and some consumers prefer scallops without roe for culinary reasons or personal preference.

Processing scallops with roe off involves removing the orange or coral-colored roe, leaving only the adductor muscle, which is the part of the scallop that is typically consumed. Scallops are valued for their sweet and delicate flavor, and the removal of roe doesn't significantly affect this taste.

Scallops with roe removed are often preferred in certain culinary applications where a cleaner presentation or a milder flavor profile is desired. It's a choice made based on individual taste preferences and the specific requirements of the dish being prepared.

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