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Château de Breuil | Calvados | 12 years

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A 12 year old Calvados from Chateau du Breuil in the heart of Normandy. Made using Pays d'Auge cider apples and double distilled before maturation to produce a finer, more subtle spirit, this is presented in the Chateau's elegantly-shaped bottle.

Château du Breuil is one of Normandy’s most prestigious Calvados distilleries, producing Calvados Pays d’Auge (AOC), Pommeau de Normandie, Calvados liqueur and plum brandy. Fruit is grown in the grounds of Chateau du Breuil on 42 hectares of hillside orchard, and naturally fermented without additives. Maturation takes place for two years in Limousin or Troncais oak casks. 

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