Artisanal Braised Lamb Shank  | +/-450g

Artisanal Braised Lamb Shank | +/-450g

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Lamb is famous for its gamey flavor. Lamb shanks have an even stronger gamey flavor than milder cuts of lamb, such as loin or shoulder chops. 

Frozen. 1 piece per packet.

Reheating (best to thaw prior reheating)

*Time and temperature may vary according equipment

Traditional Oven: Without pouch, 180∘C, 10 minutes
Microwave: Without pouch, 700W, 3 minutes

Ingredients: Lamb Shank, Onion, Celery, Carrots, Carlic, Herbs, Tomato paste, Flour, Olive oil, Demi glaze, Wine

Weight: 350/450g 

 Servings: 1 to 2 persons

Store: Frozen at -12 to -18℃, best to thaw 24 hours prior reheating

Shelf live: 1 year from production day

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