Bordier Butter | Semi salted | 125g

Bordier Butter | Semi salted | 125g

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Bordier semi-salted butter is a premium French butter made by the renowned dairy company, Jean-Yves Bordier. It is a hand-crafted butter made from high-quality cream that is slowly churned in small batches to produce a rich, creamy texture and a distinctly delicious flavor.

This semi-salted butter has just the right amount of salt added, making it perfect for those who prefer a slightly salty taste in their butter. The salt enhances the natural flavors of the butter, giving it a unique taste that is rich and full-bodied, with a subtle nutty flavor and a slightly sweet finish.

Bordier semi-salted butter has a golden yellow color and a smooth, velvety texture that spreads effortlessly. It is made using traditional techniques and contains only two ingredients, cream and natural sea salt, without any additives or preservatives. It is also gluten-free and contains no artificial flavors or colors.

This artisanal butter is great for cooking and adding richness and depth of flavor to any dish, without altering the overall saltiness. It is also perfect for spreading on toast or bread, adding a delicious and satisfying flavor to any breakfast or snack.

Overall, Bordier semi-salted butter is a premium product that is favored by chefs and food enthusiasts alike for its high quality, unique taste, and versatility. It is the perfect choice for anyone who values quality ingredients and delicious flavor in their cooking and baking.

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