Bordier Butter | Semi salted | 125g | Use by 30.11.2022

Bordier Butter | Semi salted | 125g | Use by 30.11.2022

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Semi-salted butter is the heady taste of fine salt (2.8%), a burst of flavor to enjoy simply, on the edge of a slice of bread.

The semi-salted butter can easily adapt to all of your recipes!  From a slice of bread to Breton shortbread, chocolate cake, and fattened farm hen with lobster…

“From Armor (the sea in Breton) in Argoat (the land in Breton), the butter is semi-salted. A Breton tradition was to place butter at a home’s entrance to welcome guests, hence the nickname “welcome butter.”

It also shows respect for each of the guests at a dinner party or in a hotel thanks to a rustic, noble product bearing the unambiguous taste of salt, along with the natural tonic and iodic flavors present in the region from its longstanding seafaring tradition.

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