Bodriggy Utropia Pale Ale Beer | 2x355ml

Bodriggy Utropia Pale Ale Beer | 2x355ml

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A thirst-quenching, smashable, and aromatic pale ale boasting truckloads of fruity hop aromas with a soft bitterness.

Look: Golden amber, about 1-2cm of bubbly white head, quickly subsides, congregating a little around the sides of the glass.
Smell: Fruity on the nose. Mango, nectarine, a touch of orange, a little bit of grassiness towards the end.
Taste: Fruity still, but dialed back a bit. Nectarine and citrus come through a bit more, a touch of orange peel. There is something towards the end there that I just can't put my finger on.
Feel: Lighter bodied, zesty carbonation, bitterness is subtle.

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