BBQ Bun | Plant-Based | QUORN | Pack of 24

BBQ Bun | Plant-Based | QUORN | Pack of 24

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A Chinese dim sum delight with a twist – Quorn BBQ Bun (Char Siew Bao) is completely meat-free! 

This family favourite is made with mycoprotein, a fungi-based protein that is cholesterol free, nutritious and sustainable for the planet. Quorn BBQ Bun is light, fluffy and silky smooth on the surface. Each bun is generously filled with Quorn Fillet that are coated with a sweet-savoury glaze – they taste just like the real thing! 

Quorn mycoprotein is a source of protein that is high in fibre and low in saturated fat. To make Quorn mycoprotein, we don’t start with livestock, we take a natural, nutritious fungus that grows in the soil. This fungus is known as Fusarium venenatum.

We then use the age-old process of fermentation – the same process used to create bread, beer and yoghurt – to grow Quorn mycoprotein. And because producing Quorn mycoprotein takes 95% less CO², than typical beef mince, it is a great example of a more sustainable and nutritious protein source for a growing global population.

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