Artisanal Salmon Fried Rice | 1 pax

Artisanal Salmon Fried Rice | 1 pax

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Flaky delicious salmon, crunchy carrots, and nutty savoury shimeji mushrooms are all combined with rice in our salmon fried rice.


Rice, Salmon, Carrots, Shimeiji mushroom, Egg, Garlic, Spring onion, Salt, Canola oil, Soy sauce, and Sesame oil.


Key Allergens & Dietary Restrictions

Contains Egg, Sesame, Soy.

Heating Directions:

For Microwave: Remove the sleeve and place the plate in the microwave. Microwave for 4-5minutes (ensure food is thoroughly heated before consuming).

For Oven: Transfer the food to an oven-safe dish and bake for 8 minutes at 425°F. If frozen, heat an additional 2-4 minutes.


Nutrition Values for 100g:

- Energy value: 129.32 Kcal

- Proteins: 4.54g 

- Carbohydrates: 6.09g

- Sugar: 0.41g

- Lipids: 9.64g

- Fibers: 1.01g

- Calcium: 33.49mg

- Salt: 3.11g

- Proteids/Lipids: 0.471g

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