Animal-free Milk STRAWBERRY | VERY DAIRY | 1L

Animal-free Milk STRAWBERRY | VERY DAIRY | 1L

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Discover the revolutionary science of milk made without cows with Very Dairy’s delicious lactose- and cholesterol-free offerings.

The milk is instead made by microflora, which are microorganisms that are found in living organisms, and contains dairy proteins identical to those found in traditional dairy.

All Very Dairy products are made from animal-free dairy. It’s the same nutritious and delicious goodness you find in traditional cow’s milk, but made without animals.


How we make milky goodness (without the animals)!

Non-animal dairy (water and non-animal whey protein), sugar, canola oil, permitted stabilizers and flavoring, and calcium potassium phosphate citrate.

CONTAINS: Milk allergens (Non-animal whey protein). Not suitable for people with milk protein allergies. Made in the same facility that also handles tree nuts, wheat (oat), soybean, and peanuts.

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