Spicy Mix | Cambodia | La Plantation | 100g

Spicy Mix | Cambodia | La Plantation | 100g

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Created in 2013 by French-Belgian couples who decided to participate in the revival of Kampot Pepper, La Plantation is the first fully-integrated farm in the region.

They harvest their own pepper following century-old traditions. Their farmers select by hand the best pepper in the world.

La Plantation distributes a full range of sustainable spices, produced locally in respect to fair trade principles.
They create new blends and recipes every year, bringing the unique Kampot terroir to tables around the world.

 La Plantation spices are packaged manually at the farm, using natural and recyclable material.

From farm to table, They build a short supply chain with trusted partners to guarantee the freshest spices at a fair price.


Ready to use blend of sund dried Kampot Fleur de sel and ground spiced.

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