Wholemeal Bread Roll | 50pcs
Wholemeal Bread Roll | 50pcs

Wholemeal Bread Roll | 50pcs

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35g per pc

The wholemeal roll is a healthy and nutritious option that is loved for its hearty and nutty flavor. This roll is made with a mixture of whole wheat flour, yeast, water, and a small amount of sugar and salt, which gives it a satisfying and wholesome taste.

As you bite into the wholemeal roll, you'll first notice the dense and chewy texture of the bread, which is packed with fiber and nutrients. The nutty and earthy flavor of the whole wheat flour is also prominent, giving the roll a distinct and delicious taste.

The wholemeal roll is a great choice for those who want to incorporate more whole grains into their diet. It's a healthy and filling option that can be paired with a variety of toppings or fillings. It's especially delicious with roasted vegetables, grilled chicken, or a savory hummus spread.

Reheat Instructions:

Baked at 160'C for 3 mins


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