Organic Multigrain Baguette | Singapore

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The aromatic, lush version of the French classic with organic grain and a deeply browned surface – just as though it's had a long sunbathe on the Côte d’Azur.


Organic WHEAT FLOUR, water, organic flax seeds (5,1%), organic SESAME SEEDS (3%), yeast, organic RYE MEAL, organic malted swell flour (RYE), non-iodised table salt, organic SOYA MEAL, organic WHEAT MEAL, organic sunflower seeds (1.5%), organic RYE FLAKES, organic WHEAT GLUTEN, dry organic sourdough (organic WHOLEMEAL RYE FLOUR, water), organic malt flour (WHEAT), organic swell flour (WHEAT), organic caraway seeds, organic coriander, organic fennel