The New Luncher & The New Grocer: Our story

I am Catherine, founder of The New Luncher, whose mission is to cook and deliver fresh and tasty food in a lunchbox for your children at school.

On Friday, 3rd April, I was watching our PM on TV whilst meeting with one of our food suppliers. We learned that schools would be closed and that restrictions would apply to restaurants. We were both livid as the impact to our respective companies and teams would be dramatic.

Then came a simple idea: working together to give our community of families direct access to an incredible selection of premium food ingredients.

We worked tirelessly for five days in a row to build a website and are continuing to enhance it.  In this way, we continue to deliver on our mission and bring good food to families and children.

I had the privilege of making the first order. What a delight! The smell of freshly baked bread took me back to my childhood in France, my children loved the ravioli… but more importantly, it gave me the opportunity to reconnect with the pleasures of good food as well as enjoying precious family time around the dinner table.

Bon appetit!

Catherine Lesselin

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